Vegas Nights

Feel like a trip to the bright lights and exciting times of the Las Vegas Strip? Then “Vegas Nights” is the game for you!! With roulette wheels, dice, poker cards, lucky horseshoes and wagering chips you are sure to feel like you have landed in “Sin City.” Wild Symbols and Player’s Choice™ Bonus Rounds will keep the excitement rolling all night long, and with eight $500.00 winners available at the $2.00 tab purchase level, “high rollers” love to test their luck. This Scatter game uses deals with 25,000 pull-tabs at each purchase price 25₵, 50₵, 75₵ $1.00, and $2.00. Powerhouse Gaming's Power Tab™ system balances earning potential with complete regulatory compliance . Our wide array of pull-tab systems utilize cutting edge technology with enhanced graphics and sound, all within a variety of dispensing models.

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