The Powerhouse Advantage

Powerhouse Gaming is committed to the fundraising efforts of charities throughout the country. We believe that this is best accomplished by providing the best products possible at the fairest prices. We understand the financial realities of fundraising in today’s tough economic times; capital to start or expand a gaming operation is a challenge for most charitable organizations. At Powerhouse Gaming, we are confident that the Power Tab™ system will generate significant revenue for your organization and therefore there are NO INSTALLATION COSTS for any organization. We currently charge a rental fee for the units we place, as well as a per ticket cost, which ranges from $.005 - $.04 per ticket. The only thing required is that there is internet access available for the system.

Mimicking paper pull-tabs currently in use in the market, the Power Tab system does not require the use of bulky cabinets with bill acceptors and lock boxes; rather it utilizes a simple to use Point of Sale with an optional cash drawer and a self- serve player kiosk where players can generate their own access codes.

Powerhouse Gaming understands the complex legal environment surrounding charitable gaming and maintains a corporate philosophy of being the most compliant company in the industry. Trust that we do it right, not just the first time, but every time. A copy of our state license and product approvals are available upon request. With great player products, easy to use management systems and strict regulatory compliance, Powerhouse Gaming takes all the stress out of operating electronic pull-tabs. Powerhouse Gaming is a true partner to charities fundraising goals only making money if the charity makes money.